The Schedule at Nature House Montessori Daycare in Aruba

Daily and weekly routines: We observe and listen carefully to make sure we are tuned in to the needs of each child. Each day at Nature House has a rhythm to it, with a set schedule for Montessori work, circle time, outdoor & nature play, lunch, snacks and naps. There are times, of course, when the schedule may be altered in a day depending on the needs of the children. We strive to foster children’s independence and freedom within the classroom. 

Circle time: Morning circle time takes place at 9:00 am and afternoon circle time takes place at 3:00 pm. It is a time when the classroom gathers together to greet one another, reinforce learning concepts, introducing new materials, sing songs, engage in movement activities and so on. 

Outdoor time: Children in our care spend nearly 3 hours playing outside every day. They are free to play with a range of toys, practical life materials, art supplies, or on the playground equipment. There is an outdoor playtime in the morning and in the afternoon.

Fruit, snack and lunch: Fruit and snacks will be served at 9:30 am and 4:00 pm. The children will have sandwiches and, as much as possible fresh vegetables from our own garden, for lunch at 11.30 am and are offered a sandwich or vegetables after their nap. The children who arrive for our Early Childhood After School Program will have a sandwich with vegetables after arrival. 

Nap: Nap time/rest time begins at 12:00 pm. Children who are not asleep by 12:30 pm come out of the nap room with the teacher. Children are left to awaken by themselves, to ensure they get enough rest, at which time they join the activities of the children who are awake. Naps last until 2.30 pm. Children who do not nap work with the Montessori materials in the classroom. 

Pick-up: The children who only join us for the morning will be picked up at 13.30 pm. The children who are there the whole day or join us in the afternoon will be picked up any time before 5.30 pm.